Dear Listener, 

I'm sorry but we (as band) just don't understand how you managed to do all these years 
without our music! Our music tells a story.... your story perhaps?! And it most certainly 
gives meaning to life... your life perhaps?! 

On the other hand, one could ask: 'What took you so long?' and it would be an absolute 
valid question. The reason for us is that we believe it's better to first have some 
experience in love, leisure and life to appreciate making music, more than when you're 
a youngster. Not saying young people make bad music of course! 

The thing is, Pete (singer/songwriter of the band) first had to go through some (great 
and lesser great) stages in life. His daughter was born, he got sick, fully recovered, and 
after this, his girlfriend (and wife) died of breast-cancer... He took up his music once 
again as an outlet for all this misfortune... For Elly, to listen to, up there in the heavens. 
For Daantje, his daughter... as an attempt to bring a little more joy into her world. 

Then things got weird. He met this American guy named Stephen, who digged his 
music very much and they agreed upon starting a band. And such happened... Period! 

Anyway, we want our lives and yours to get better and better! So here we are... to stay! 


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