A new logo! A new band name?

The skull was dull! And it wasn't representative for our music. Many people might have thought that we were some sort of (death) metal group... which we're not! The skull thingy was my initial attempt at creating something that was saying: we all have limited time here on earth and this 'period of time' is precious! It's Mozart's skull by the way, but still...

We live in a internet.hyperfast.dot age and people are like ants or freaking dots moving in chaotic patterns. So we living in the 'dot' period and we need to contemplate and focus more. But how the hell am I going to combine all that into one logo?! Maybe the image that goes with this news item is a good start?

So, the band name hasn't changed? Well, 'yes' and 'no'... Officially now it is '..period' or 'dot dot period', but we still listen to 'period', because to us, the driving idea behind it all, was always crystal clear like bubbly water!

And one last thing! Don't you never, never ever... associate us with that other thing that comes to mind when one uses the word 'period'! No... just don't... or... the skull is back in a split sec...

Thanks for listening! 

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