Dissecting lyrics

First of, this is not really a news item, but since our news page is actually a blog, this place is the most appropriate place to pen this down.

Salvador DaliI believe that artists or painters like the late Salvador Dali (or maybe this is just a means of placing an image of one of his paintings?!), said things like that it was stupid of an artist to demistify his or her artwork. And maybe so! But I also think it could give a better insight into the world of the artist and in return give a whole new dimension to the artwork making it even more powerful. And that is exactly what I'm attempting here...

The thing is ... I'm going to dissect(or unravel) part of one of my texts below! The song I'm going to dissect (line by line) is (drum role) ... iPhone Girl! I only dissect the first two verses because I have no intention of making the Gods of Art (Dali clearly being one of them) mad at me!

iPhone Girl

  • Trapped in a web - Obviously I'm talking about the Internet here... The World Wide Web!
  • Tumbling deep - And how you can spent hours and hours surfing and lose track of time...
  • Pages and pictures - Need I say more? Maybe cats?
  • Like dragons that sleep - This is a little more tricky! I'm a computer programmer since long... There is this book... A book on how to design and write assemblers. Always referred to by hackers as 'The dragon book'! Assemblers are a big thing for hackers (being a wannabee... I got an actual copy of this book) and maybe the Internet hides similar big things that will awake some day.


  • Live in a box -A computer, commonly referred to as 'Box'. Also keep in mind that a telephone is also a computer these days.
  • Move like a drone - Inside this 'Box', electrons are hovering over a landscape of microchips, capacitors and transistors. And you're the zombie (mindless drone) who sees this unraveling
  • Together with me - When she's together with me... but also... I'm not any different from everybody else... I'm staring at my phone like the mindless zombie, that I am.
  • She's on her phone - Just like me!

And that's it! I've put down the deeper meaning of a part of my lyrics. I hope you enjoyed it?! But there is one thing... I failed at placing an actual painting of Salvador Dali ;)


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